BINCANG KESAN, A discussion on ‘Kresek Kesadaran’

29 November 2021

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Seminar & Workshop

BINCANG KESAN, A discussion on ‘Kresek Kesadaran’

After KESAN launched back in September, awareness to dispose your used mask responsibly has show it progress, but we believe our work is far from finish.

Together with Parongpong Raw Lab and Evoware, MVB Indonesia once again host a second webinar of KESAN. This time we invite representative from DLH DKI to explain update on the latest statistic of used mask disposal and also invite owner of Conture, to show how the end result of product that has been process by Parongpong transformed into a very useful materials that can be used in our everyday life.

Monday, 29 November 2021   |   14.00 - 15.30

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