Classic Meets Jazz - Sharing for Love Charity Event

8 December 2019 - 8 November 2019

Cyber 2 Tower
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Classic Meets Jazz - Sharing for Love Charity Event

Organised for the sake of continuation, sustainability and development of their programs and activities, this is a fundraising event to gather donation, sponsorship and support from individuals as well as corporates/institutions for the benefit of YAYASAN MUSIK SATRA INDONESIA and YAYASAN DAYA PELITA KASIH. This joint-charity event is supported by YAYASAN PENDIDIKAN LOKON.

The above Foundations believe that children are the future of the country and the world. We realize that every party, individuals, institution/corporate, private sectors and government, shall work hand in hand to support education of our children, especially those with special conditions (physically or mentally), or economically unprivileged.

The inherent part of education is the importance of learning and experiencing art (music in particular). Art and music promote balanced development of the children to become better and well-rounded personalities. Art and music abridge the two educational based Foundations even more so. Therefore, we work together to connect the children in need/ underprivileged; the people with noble hearts who are willing to support; music/art lovers with the beauty of music, in a joint charity event: 'Classic Meets Jazz' a collaborative harmony between different genres of music.

For more information, contact Chendra Panatan +62 818 891 039 or Karina Suklan +62 816 740 350