COVID-19: Mapping Uncharted Territory with Employee Communication

22 April 2020

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COVID-19: Mapping Uncharted Territory with Employee Communication

The COVID-19 pandemic has launched us all on a journey into new territory that HR and communication professionals must help employees navigate. Only there is no map to guide us. We’re drawing the map as we go, together. To do so, we’re relying more than ever on the compass of company vision and mission to steer us through these uncertain times.

Join intrepid cartographers Britt Provost and Jessica Coffman as they share how they’re experiencing this journey, and the power of People & Culture and Internal Communications coming together to support employees.

Lay of the land

While each company’s journey is unique, there are definite similarities to the challenges that businesses of all sizes and industries are encountering. In this webinar, Britt and Jess will cover emerging features of this new landscape, including:

  • Defining and navigating what the “new normal” means for workforces.
  • Helping employees through the normal stages of anxiety and grief while the world is in crisis.
  • Working from home: How do we all stay sane and remain gentle with each other in our daily interactions in this new fully remote environment?

Looking around the bend

Britt and Jess will also venture a peek around the bend to explore what new challenges HR and communication leaders should start preparing for in the coming year, like transitioning internal communication from crisis mode to a more sustained cadence. While we can’t know how everything will unfold now, we do know that the post-crisis environment will bring a unique “second wave” of employee needs with it. HR and comms leaders would be wise to start preparing for these imminent challenges now.

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