Dance Workshop & Performance by La Rossignol

22 September 2017

Pusat Perfilman H. Usmar Ismail, Jakarta
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Dance Workshop & Performance by La Rossignol

Among the great Masters of dancing, Domenico da Piacenza, Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro, Fabritio Caroso from Sermoneta and Cesare Negri from Milan stand out. It is thanks to these artists that the Renaissance dances become more than a simple form of amusement and of courtly technique, and assume the characteristics of a proper musical and dancing art: refined, elegant, and codified into precise written forms.

The performance is presented by international professionals wearing costumes of the XV and XVI century and playing very curious early music instruments. They will stress the social and inter-relational aspects of of the Renaissance dances by recreating a typical Italian “festa” with its well-defied contrast of two different worlds: the musicians and servants preparing the feast, and the nobility amusing themselves with music and dances.

Please confirm your attendance to [email protected] by Wednesday, 20 September 2017