Generasi XYZ  - In Modern Dance Performance

28 July 2018

Gedung Kesenian Jakarta
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Generasi XYZ - In Modern Dance Performance

Kids Jaman Now or Children Today, is a term for childhood era today, where gadget and youtube technology becomes a "friend" everyday. Update and Up to date become important for this generation. Kids Jaman Now is a trending topic because of the social media spotlight. They prefer things that can make them exist, in social media, lifestyle trends, fashion, songs, jargon followed for existence. Very difference striking with other generations is they prefer gadgets as "Friends" over traditional games and direct social contacts with peers. Cultural and social differences between generations X (born 1966- 1976), Y / millennial (born 1977-1994) and Z generation (1995-present, including Kids Now Age) look very clear. From play and type the toys are very, very different. Similarly, how to interact.