Hair Expo Jakarta

27 July 2017 - 29 July 2017

Jakarta Convention Center
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Hair Expo Jakarta

Wigs, Shampoos, conditioners, hair extensions, dyes, skin products and a whole range of cosmetics will feature in the Jakarta Hair Expo. From your resident fashionista to anyone who pays the smallest attention to their hair, everyone is invited.

With a rapidly growing domestic cosmetic market, Indonesia is seeing an impressive growth of the industry. This means new and improved hair and beauty products for everyone! The expo also provides a variety of workshops and training sessions for aspiring makeup artists or hairdressers. Visitors are sure to be blown away by the breathtaking performances and the incredible range of products available to be tested. Whatever the reason, you’re sure to be pampered if you choose to visit this expo. For more information, call +62-21 2556 5022.