Innovation Driving Sustainable Business

13 November 2019

Sari Pacific Jakarta
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Seminar & Workshop

Innovation Driving Sustainable Business

Sustainable businesses deliver continuously evolving, sustainable products and services to the benefit of themselves, their business community as well as the society and world outside their business realm. They seamlessly integrate sustainability as a shared value in their ambition, deliverables, business model, value chain and leadership as well as in their social, operational and cultural environment.

Becoming and remaining sustainable requires constant renewal and innovation. The shift from the industrial economy to the knowledge economy has radically improved the opportunities to meet this challenge. In the industrial economy, an organization could ask a few elite leaders to be innovative and focus everyone else on simply doing the work. In the knowledge economy, there is a need to empower all employees, partners and customers to co-creatively use their intellectual potential to achieve the shared purpose of sustainability.

MVB Indonesia in collaboration with Ministry of Research and Technology – National Research and Innovation Agency, Bisnis Nordik Indonesia and Renesans is organising an innovation seminar entitled “Innovation Driving Sustainable Business – Bridging the Innovation Gap between the Nordics and Indonesia” on Wednesday, 13 November 2019 at Sari Pacific Jakarta. 

For more information, please contact [email protected] or go to to purchase your tickets.