Life Force: A Solo Exhibition of Lie Fhung

14 September 2017 - 8 October 2017

Dia.lo.gue Artspace
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Life Force: A Solo Exhibition of Lie Fhung

A multi-disciplined artist who studied Fine Arts at the Bandung Institute Technology majoring in ceramics, Lie Fhung like to investigate private matters when making her artworks, such as hidden layers within dreams, memories, human emotions and their drives. She thrives in exploring and working with diverse materials from porcelain to paint, metal, and digital prints which are often presented in the form of installations.

This solo exhibition is Lie Fhung’s record of her experience of paradoxical interplay between life force and death wish: how they are part of the same cycle of life, endlessly moving between one another. In addition to ceramics, Lie Fhung also uses copper for her artworks in this exhibition, to introduce her own method to induce oxidation - intervening the natural process, to somewhat direct the result to a limited degree.