Live Webinar - Why Being Sustainable Prepares You for Any Crisis

12 May 2020

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Live Webinar - Why Being Sustainable Prepares You for Any Crisis

On 12 May 2020, MVB Indonesia will hold its first Webinar series themed “Why Being Sustainable Prepares You for Any Crisis.” In this Webinar, we will discuss with our members and partners the opportunity to learn how being sustainable prepare companies through any crisis.

The theme of this Seminar is pretty self-explanatory: reducing reliance on limited and especially valuable or hard to access resources is step one. Increasing efficiency and creating synergies is step two and even better actual circular harmony and preserving the environment is stage three.

That’s why we have brought you our four experts to introduce you to practical steps to sustainability that you can plan to adapt or adopt for your organisation. 

  • Claire Quillet from TSB is going to tell you about how CSR helps building community sensitivity and to stretch that back to supplies and forward to consumers. This is a safeguard against the whole area of civil unrest as well as being positive.
  • Didier Perez from PIPA will talk about one of the country’s most undervalued and now severely limited resources: water. We have a problem on the way in: supply, and on the way out: waste water. This is an area more critical and all-encompassing than you think.
  • Sean Nino from Eco Mantra is going to talk about how to reduce your dependency on electricity and water, reduce your CO2 emissions and your waste to landfill - and save money! 
  • Prijono Nugroho ActionCOACH is going to talk about increasing the output of our biggest asset, people, by effective training. What do you need in a time of crisis? Good skilled, knowledgeable people. He will also talk about training in the downtime.

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For further information, contact [email protected] or 082197902642 via whatsapp