President of the Charity Golf Tournament 2017

7 April 2017

Jababeka Golf & Country Club
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President of the Charity Golf Tournament 2017

President University present a charity event President Charity Golf Tournament organized by one club at President University is Golferation. The club, which was founded 25 November 2012 at President University. 2017 will be the fifth time the concept of charity golf events held.

Golferation realize the importance of continuing these external activities, not only to expand the social relations between members Golferation with another golf community, but also to establish a good relationship between the President of the University with other universities. Additionally, Golferation Pesident University aims to make better known in the public eye and promote golf in Jababeka. Seeing the enthusiasm of the participants and sponsors of this event, Golferation confident of success and profits generated by the President of the Charity Golf Tournament 2017.

For more info please contact: Jane 082120502936