12 November 2017

Komunitas Salihara
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Bazaar & Festival


SALT is Eko Supriyanto’s latest work, which completes his series “Trilogy of Jailolo” (2017-2018). SALT takes inspiration from Jatilan (a traditional dance form from Magelang) and Cakalele (a war dance from North Maluku). Thorough research was conducted in Jailolo and Solo over five years. This solo dance, performed by Eko Supriyanto himself, was also inspired by his experience of diving and swimming against the earth’s gravity.

Eko Supriyanto, an internationally-acclaimed choreographer from Indonesia, was a dancer in Madonna’s “Drowned World Tour” and a consultant for “The Lion King” (2000), a musical by Julie Taymor. He is the founder of Eko’s Dance Company that has wowed audiences around the world with Cry Jailolo (2014-2015) and Balabala (2016).

Call 0857 1931 1150 or email [email protected] for more information.