Setelah Residensi Trimatra

10 February 2018 - 11 March 2018

Salihara, Jl. Salihara No. 16, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta
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Setelah Residensi Trimatra

This exhibition showcases the works of three young artists — the winners of the 2016 Salihara Three Dimensional Art Competition — following the end of their respective residency programs in 2017. During their two-month long residencies, they conducted small-scale research on diverse media that they then developed and incorporated into their works.

Suryo Herlambang’s residency took place in The Pickers’ Hut Glaziers Bay, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, where he was drawn to the journey of mankind in their discovery of new cultures. He imagined the voyages of Christopher Columbus, scrutinized the multitude of Chinese tourists visiting Australia, and contemplated Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.Meanwhile, Reza Zefannya Mulia chose to observe human behaviors inside an exhibition space, while Ajeng Martia Saputri highlights poetic verses over embroidery-work in the effort to build self-confidence through art. Both Reza and Ajeng had their residency programs at Tentacles Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.

Visit or call 021 789 1202 for more information.