Simfoni untuk Bangsa 2022 (Symphony For the Nation 2022)

27 August 2022

Jakarta Concert Hall
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Simfoni untuk Bangsa 2022 (Symphony For the Nation 2022)

Symphony for the Nation is a regular concert every year that specifically displays a variety of symphonic music by the Indonesian composer.

Symphony for the Nation 2022 coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Jakarta Concert Orchestra (JCO). To commemorate this special age, orchestral music compilations, both pure compositions and compositions based on existing themes, including arrangements of Indonesian folksongs, are also presented in a special way.

The works that will be displayed include Joko Lemazh's Fantasy Indonesia Pusaka with soloist Firda Salim, a new work by Farman Purnama, and Isyana Sarasvati's work which was composed for the orchestra and performed especially by the composer.

Together with JCO under the direction of Avip Priatna, Batavia Madrigal Singers will also perform, which has just won the most prestigious choral competition in the world, the “European Grand Prix for Choral Singing 2022”.

Hopefully this Symphony for the Nation 2022 will lift Indonesia's spirit to recover better and stronger together.

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