System of Lockdown: Music and Musician

19 May 2020

Online Event
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System of Lockdown: Music and Musician

Music is composed, developed and studied in an intimate and solemn way that can be called confined. Composers, musicians, work non-stop and practice in their secluded studio or home. Likewise, the audiences are listening intimately to accompany their pleasure and even sadness. 

Music is inspired, on the other hand, by many things outside of the studio – nature, travels, experiences, sceneries, freedom. Music are praised anywhere anytime from theater, opera, philharmonics, houses of worship, stadiums and celebrations, thus uniting society. What would life be without music and musicians?

It seems like music is to be forgotten in time like the pandemic. Stages are suddenly open for those who are keen in performances. What alternatives can we find to support musicians to remain active and productive during lockdown? Is it possible to encourage the government, especially the Ministry of Culture in this matter? What tonality is suitable for this kind of sentiment? 

Join webinar “System of Lockdown: Music and Musician” on Tuesday, 19 May at 7pm. Presented by the French cultural Center in Jakarta, the webinar is presenting Indonesian musicians Ananda Sukarlan (pianist, composer), Aksan Sjuman (drummer, composer, Dewan Kesenian Jakarta) and Tony Prabowo (composer, music programmer, curator Komunitas Salihara Jakarta). 

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