TEDxJakarta “Jagad Manusia"

8 September 2018

Balai Sarbini, Setiabudi, South Jakarta
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TEDxJakarta “Jagad Manusia"

TEDxJakarta is back with “Jagad Manusia” this September 2018. Get ready to embark on a journey to a new ‘universe of mankind’, and take a closer look at the historical landmarks we humans have created. In the adventure of Jagad Manusia, the event will evoke emotional and intellectual responses, aims to ponder upon human existence as one of the agencies in this universe. 

TEDxJakarta 13th, “Jagad Manusia” registration will be divided into 3 batches:

  1. 6 – 10 August 2018, with admission fee IDR 195.000
  2. 11 – 17 August 2018, with admission fee IDR 273.000
  3. 18 – 26 August 2018, with admission fee IDR 389.000

Find out more in www.tedxjakarta.org/jagadmanusia an book your seet on loket.com