The Psychology of Work Post COVID-19

4 June 2020

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The Psychology of Work Post COVID-19

With the rise and fall of Uber and WeWork over the past few years many people in the technology sector believed we were entering into a new era requiring us to redraw the lines of workplace culture and wellbeing. Then there was COVID-19. Join Kathryn Foster, Head of People and Culture at Portable as she explores the impact of the shutdown on companies, people, culture and the workforce with special guest Gina McCredie.

What we’ll cover

  • The need for workplaces to change physically
  • Will people ever come back to working in the office? The rise in asynchronous working
  • The link between high unemployment and talent availability
  • The role of organisation values, behaviours and culture

Who’s it for?

  • Organisations looking to effective support their employees and their wellbeing after COVID
  • Companies and individuals that have recently moved to remote working and those that are looking to return over the coming weeks
  • People managers wanting to understand how to manage asynchronous working
  • Creatives looking to understand the challenges related to returning to work and adapting to a new way of working

Presented by Kathryn Foster, psychologist and Head of People and Culture at Portable and Gina McCredie, Organisational Psychologist and owner of Impactful Work. Introduction and insights presented by Andrew Apostola, CEO of Portable.

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