Voice It Out!

16 February 2019

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Seminar & Workshop

Voice It Out!

People seek the perfect way to express their love and affection through distinctive romantic style and rhythm. And Valentine love poems are definitely to touch the heart of your sweetheart. If you are planning on it, don’t miss the chance to join Voice It Out! by Unmasked.


A one-day workshop that will help to magnify your skills in the appreciation of the art-form. Be part of the workshop and draw upon poems to develop an effective written argument, grammar and techniques involved in writing sonorous verse. Voice It Out! will be held on February 16 from 12.30 PM to 2.30 PM at the cultural house of the U.S. @america Pacific Place Level 3, Jakarta.

During the lesson, participants are expected to create momentum and cultivate inspiration that will carry them forward in their writing skills. In the month of love and romance, Valentine’s Day poems are a fantastic way to tell someone you love in a literary way. Join now and stay tune on www.atamerica.or.id