Y : Collect 3.0  2019

22 March 2019 - 28 April 2019

RUCI Art Space
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Y : Collect 3.0 2019

Y:Collect, RUCI Art Space’s biannual program that introduces the idea of art collecting, is here again. For Y:Collect 2.0 in 2017, we explored the spirit and passion of collecting art with displaying the collection of a more fragile and temporal medium such as paper, ephemera, found objects, and etc. The act of collecting, artworks included, is more often motivated by the interest of building one’s legacy of idea and attitude, if not solely because of personal ego. Two years ago, our big question was: "Why choose a fragile and temporal medium as a collection?" "What is the aesthetic idea that is about to be inherited?". At that time, the collectors we invited were motivated by the passion to record the age and preserving some of the truth they perceive, lower the aesthetic spirit of their time.

Now, in Y:Collect 3.0, curated by Grace Samboh, we want to unravel the realities of collecting that is shared amongst actors in the art scene, including artists, curators, gallerists, managers, and of course art collectors and art institutions. We would like to explore the rationale behind art collecting. Is it still about building a legacy? Or is it their conscience in maintaining the ecosystem in which they belong? Is it to support (which often done in private) some art practices?

In our effort to answer these questions, we have gathered artworks that are aligned with our main narration about modern and contemporary art history in Indonesia. Surely we have our doubts towards this mainstream narrative that tends to be nationalistic. But at the same time, we want to walk down it’s path and pick some of things that have been left out, be it intentionally, by time, negligence, or certain patronage(s). Even with the same narration, our art history can be presented with completely different medium and actor, especially when we want to change the point of view.