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Hanging Out With Friends in The Same Virtual Room While Playing Fun Games

Entertainment | 4 July 2020
Hanging Out With Friends in The Same Virtual Room While Playing Fun Games
Have you tried playing games during self-isolation to have fun with friends and cope with social life? We bet you do. Photos courtesy of unsplash.com

The gaming industry is one of the tech businesses that have raised profit during the Covid-19 crisis as more people play games on their gadget to get away from boredom and anxiety. The new digital dynamic has created a new way of bonding with friends and colleagues in forming social connections within the gaming platform, with exception to the Zoom meeting.

There are many newcomers in the game industry, making the industry flourish during the crisis as many game developers introduce multiplayer games that facilitate social interaction. This virtual interaction might be a common thing among games, but today, it is rapidly becoming an oasis for amateurs who find joy playing the game while hanging out with their game-mates. More games are becoming available in your smartphone, opening possibilities for people to participate in these lighthearted moments without requiring professional gaming skills. 

Dr. Emma Seppälä, a Yale psychologist and author of “The Happiness Track.” said on The New York Times that playing games is important because, while it might feel as if we’re interacting with others, as opposed ruminating over headlines on social media heightens our anxiety and sense of isolation. Even WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus suggested that people need to play games together, listen to music, and read books to avoid anxiety from following news about Covid-19.

Some of you might have heard about Drink Talk Learn, Scavenger Hunt, Quick Draw, Animal Crossing and Minecraft to the recent simulation game Redecor that has been gaining popularity during self-isolation as the mobile game that open interaction with others, a more adaptable yet concise version from The Sims for home design. For some people, especially senior generation, they connect with family via Zoom and play conventional games such as Truth or Dare in the platform, since the virtual mobile games seem complicated for them to follow. There are many gaming options that have interactive user experience for both social and playground.

​​​​Hanging Out With Friends in The Same Virtual Room While Playing Fun Games

While playing games, ones might forget that they are not actually in the same room. Don’t be surprised if your neighbour or your parents hearing you hang out with a friend but they only see you in the room. Gaming is becoming necessary during the crisis but there is a danger of being addicted, which will cost a loss control of our life. Make sure the kids and you maintain proportional timing when it comes to playing games.

In response to the rising trend in the gaming industry, The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy encourages creative economy players to optimise the potential of Indonesia's gaming industry in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Syaifullah, the Director of Creative, Film, Television, and Animation Industries at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy said that the local gaming industry could be a promising future for the Indonesian creative economy.

"In contrast to other creative industries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the growth of game developers in Indonesia rose by 10-20% amid a pandemic due to the surge in the use of digital platforms, especially coming from fans of games,” Syaifullah said in a webinar about Potensi Besar Industri Gaming Indonesia on 30 June.

In 2017, application and game developers contributed 1.93% to the gross domestic product sector Indonesia's creative economy with the value up to IDR 19,115.1 billion. This sector has absorbed 44,733 workforces in the application and game developer subsector in the same year, according to Indonesia Game Association (AGI).

Hanging Out With Friends in The Same Virtual Room While Playing Fun Games

During the pandemic, Indonesia Esports Premier League (IESPL) also responds to the shifting behaviour in-game industry during the pandemic that can be reflected based on the gaming culture in esports. “The gaming industry in Indonesia is increasingly being recognised. Data from IESPL in 2019 shows that Indonesia ranks 12th in the world gaming market with a total of 62.1 million active gamers,” according to Giring Ganesha, the President of IESPL.

According to Ganesha, there is three changing behaviour in gaming during self-isolation that include the shifting from PC to mobile gaming, shifting from single to multiplayer, and shifting from playing to watching. As many people have been connecting with their social life virtually, multiplayer and mobile or smartphone are the prioritised gaming model that developers have been looking forward to in order to provide both experiences, social and play.