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Combining Comfort and Style

Family | 29 October 2016

To most people, IKEA is synonymous with Scandinavian design - but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s designs always spring from Scandinavian minds. The POÄNG armchair, celebrating its 40th birthday this month, was created by Japanese designer Noboru Nakamura. POÄNG has become an iconic IKEA product, having sold more than 30 million pieces since being first introduced in 1977. With its springy bentwood frame that follows the shape of your body, it supports your lower back and neck, so you can lean back in comfort and relax.

“A chair should be a tool that provides us with an emotional richness and creates an image where we let off stress”, the Japanese designer says about the philosophy behind POÄNG - and he hit the right nerve with many IKEA lovers. Let’s take a look at the IKEA products that combine effortlessly with the comfort and style of POÄNG.
Colour Check: Fysiskt Prov (Nils Pedersen) LISABO side table, ash veneer Price: Rp. 1.199.000 The side table comes with an ash veneer surface and solid birch legs, conveying a sense of warmth and nature that will brighten any room.    
PH035249RANARP floor/reading lamp, off-white Price: Rp. 899.000 Working late? Can’t put down that thrilling book? This lamp comes with an arm and a head that are both adjustable, so you can easily direct the light where you need it.      
Colour Check: Fysiskt Prov (Nils Pedersen) BIRKET rug, high pile, yellow, grey Price: Rp. 2.999.000 This square rug with an extremely soft surface not only adds a touch of elegance to your living room - it also helps to dampen sounds.    
MAT007254V1-Seglora aniline natural leather Q2 MAT007048V1-ICOM RISANE furn fabric natural Ployester edge Q2 MAT008605V1-KIMSTAD THREAD Polyester Orange Light Brown PANTONE 18-1160 TPX Q2 MAT008940V1-Plastic BEIGE NCS S 2005-Y50R Etching 4 Q2 MAT002926V1-IKEA Birch clear lacquer rotary veneer class 2B gloss 10 Q2 MAT005198V1-ICOM Velcro Hook beige sand Q1 MAT001521V1-ICOM Steel hot-dip zinc coated sheet cold forming Q2 MAT007815V1-ICOM Birch clear lacq Plywood Edge Class 1A Gloss 15 Q2 MAT005968V1-ICOM POÄNG 100% polypropylene beige 290 gsqm Q2 MAT001148V1-IKEA BLACK 1 Plastic Etching 7 Q2 MAT000279V1-IKEA BLACK 1 Plastic Etching 4 Q2 POÄNG armchair, birch veneer, Seglora natural cover Price: Rp. 4.595.000 Due to its timeless elegance and durable form, the POÄNG armchair has become a beloved classic and staple of the IKEA family: it is strong, stylish, and on top of that, it is comfortable. To celebrate its 40th birthday, the armchair has one new frame and six new covers to add to it’s existing range of combinations.      
Colourcheck Proof: Niklas Enhag SYSSAN cushion, white, beige Price: Rp. 249.000 Everybody needs a pillow to snuggle. With a cotton velvet cover and duck feather filling, this fluffy cushion not only feels good, but also brings a sprinkle of Mother Nature into your living room.  
PE576165STOCKHOLM bowl, brass and gold colour Price: Rp. 299.000 The best thing about this stylish bowl is that you don’t necessarily have to fill it with decorations, because even on its own, it’s a real eye-catcher.  
PH120633ORMHASSEL throw, grey Price: Rp. 299.000 A cushion’s best friend, this comfortable and soft throw is an essential add-on to any sofa or chair.  
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