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Back to School: Jakarta Intercultural School Resumes On-Campus Studies

Education | 9 April 2021

Since the start of the pandemic, schools around the country have been forced to resort and adapt to online learning to protect the safety and well-being of their students and staff members. After being chosen by the Jakarta Education Agency to be part of a pilot programme designed to be an example of a safe return to campus with an integrated learning structure, the Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) has resumed on-campus learning starting from Wednesday, 7 April 2021, becoming one of the first Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama (SPK) to do so.

Partnering with experts from international health organisations and the Ministry of Education and Culture, JIS is devoted to guaranteeing the safety and well-being of its community and has devised a thorough plan that would ensure the safety of students, teachers and staff members on campus.

“Jakarta Intercultural School’s ability to provide a learning environment that is safe and healthy for our students is an important factor in our efforts to reopen campuses starting on April 7. With stringent protocols and social distancing guidelines in place, students can safely return to class,” explained JIS Head of School, Dr. Tarek Razik.

The health and safety protocols have been designed to ensure utmost safety and hygiene for its students, to protect them from the moment they step on campus until the moment they leave for home, whilst still providing students with a high-quality educational experience in the new normal era.

The Jakarta Education Agency’s Head of Elementary Schools, Special Education, and Education Services, Drs. Momon Sulaeman, M.M., M.Si, reviewed JIS’s overall readiness to support the school’s transitional reopening. The pilot programme is conducted to analyse and deduce the preparedness of schools to resume on-campus learning, and JIS is one of the 85 schools that have fulfilled the requirements for both assessment and training.

The extensive new-normal protocols that JIS has created is rooted in four primary pillars which are cleanliness, health, safety (especially during breaks), and social and emotional support.

In regards to cleanliness, the school has made sure that each classroom is sanitised and disinfected with a non-toxic, high-performing solution that kills bacteria and viruses. High-traffic areas with frequent touch-points are being prioritised and cleaned throughout the day such as door handles, faucets and bathrooms.

On top of the mandatory use of facemasks, there are experienced medical workers on staff and on-campus every day to assist with health and medical care, in schoolwide efforts to prevent any COVID-19 transmissions. The medical workers are outfitted with personal protective equipment (PPE) and have been expertly trained to treat the novel coronavirus. New PPE is used when treating every student and safely disposed of after every use.

JIS has installed hand sanitising stations at every entry point such as outside of classrooms, and the entire JIS community is constantly reminded to wash their hands, especially during breaks. Air-cleaning Sharp air purifiers with HEPA filters and ion plasmacluster technology have been installed in classrooms. These purifiers have passed the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) for SARS family viruses, including the novel coronavirus.

To provide social and emotional support for its students, JIS has trained counsellors and psychologists on-campus, ready to counsel students who may feel anxious in readjusting to on-campus learning.

JIS is committed to working with the country is open to partner with other schools to assist them in getting ready for their own safe return to on-campus learning under the government guidelines and regulations.

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