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BINUS SCHOOL Simprug Presents Outliers: An Original Drama Production

Education | 17 June 2022

BINUS SCHOOL Simprug proudly presents “OUTLIERS”, an original drama production premiering in June 2022. Following a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the school’s musical drama production makes its highly-anticipated return with this original play. OUTLIERS not only features students from PYP up to Grade 11 but is performed by several teachers and the principal as well.

OUTLIERS tells the story of four students who attend the prestigious fictional boarding school, Barrymore High. With contrasting personalities and values, these students are forced to come together and work through their differences. The play touches upon themes of adolescence, coming-of-age, morality and corruption, in which the students must navigate difficult relationships and teenhood.

The cast and production team officially started rehearsals for the play around August 2021. Prior to that, rehearsals were held online, something that the cast and production team found to be difficult due to miscommunication and incoordination. However, when they finally held an in-person rehearsal in May, everything finally began to fall into place. The result of their hard work and dedication to this production can clearly be seen in the casts’ performance in their roles, elevated by their ability to speak English fluently and every dialogue is staged live without pre-recording.

I have always held the belief that to every disadvantage, there is a corresponding advantage. This is what I believe OUTLIERS is all about. The play holds on to the belief of maintaining fairness even in a world where unfairness might be the norm. It communicates to us that virtue will always be the best way to move forward even if the world will show otherwise. Conflicts will surely be around no matter what but when we establish genuine friendship, it will be easier to move forward. OUTLIERS does not only embody this through its story but through how it was produced. This school play production created and produced proudly by students has become a symbol of hope that BINUS SCHOOL Simprug is ready to face the world and not be shackled by the Covid 19 pandemic. Like the story, we are all prepared to move forward no matter what uncertainties may come along our way and be the best of who we are!” said Mr. Patrick Lorenzo Carbonell as MYP Head of Art.

The story of the play borrows existing themes from the media including themes of corruption and classicism, but the story, plot and characters are all originally written by BINUS students. Additionally, there are 10 original songs performed in the musical, namely “Barrymore High”, “A Lovely Night”, “Proud of You Girl”, “Bellas Finals”, “Valeria”, and more.

It’s very unreal that we get this opportunity to perform after the pandemic and to even execute this was just crazy. I think this is the proudest work we have created and the proudest we have ever been. It’s great to see everyone putting their work, minds, creativity and love into this play that we get to share with others. Though it was not easy for everyone, everyone pushed through till the end and we huddle those hard obstacles and now that we are here, it feels like we can overcome anything next. We’re so proud of everyone who participated up until the last moment and we would like to thank everyone who has supported us from the start till the very end. We won/’t disappoint you with this play, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!” shared the OUTLIERS crew.


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