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Discovery Centre School set anExample by Running Safety Protocols as Students return to Class in August

Education | 24 July 2020
Discovery Centre School set anExample by Running Safety Protocols as Students return to Class in August. Photo courtesy of Discovery School

As the school is looking forward to reopening and inviting students to go back to class, Discovery Centre School pays attention to the safety details to protect students and staffs when the activities in the school go back to normal.

Even though there have been only fewCovid-19 cases found among children, the coronavirus is possible to infect anybody to a certain degree. Especially, those whose member of the families have older people that can be fatal..

While students are maintaining to catch the academic years through the online programme, Discovery Centre School have prepared safety plans and standard of hygiene to be demonstrated later when kids go back to class.

A new normal must be put in place and demand any member of academia to follow the rules to avoid any harm and transmission that could lead to a potential outbreak in an educational institution. Here’swhat they offer to staffers and students.

  1. Protocols for arrival each morning for staff and children must include taking temperatures, changing to sanitized shoes for inside the building, sanitizing hands and items brought to school. Questions about family health will be answered daily.
  2. Students, teachers, and other staff should not come to school with any illness, even if it is mild.
  3. Schools should enforce regular hand washing with safe water and soap, hand sanitizer, throughout the day.
  4. Multiple disinfections and cleaning of school surfaces must occur throughout the day.
  5. Bathrooms need to be sprayed with disinfectant after every use.
  6. Schools should follow environmental cleaning and decontamination procedures. Common areas must be disinfected between classes.
  7. Windows and doors should be left open to provide the best ventilation possible. Cleaning filters should be run throughout the day.
  8. Schools should promote social distancing to slow down the spread of this highly contagious disease, including decreasing the number of children in a group, the spacing of children to 1 meter apart during class. The schedule should prevent each group from interacting with any other group in the building.
  9. Masks should be worn by teachers and children (over the age of 2). Face shields are recommended.

As for the new normal school days, the implementation of social distancing practices may include:

  1. Staggering the beginning and end of the school day.
  2. Cancelling assemblies, sports and other events that create crowded conditions.
  3. Create a schedule and building that is arranged with the highest safety/health standards.
  4. Teach and model wearing masks, staying 1 meter away from others, and avoiding unnecessary touching.
  5. Tracking each absence. Be prepared to move the class to online learning should a member of the class (teacher or child) be diagnosed with the Covid-19.

During the pandemic, Discovery Centre School has been running the Home Learning programs for the students and looking forward to reopening the school in August.