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Face-to-face Learning and Quality Teaching at NAS Jakarta

Education | 7 June 2021

The Nord Anglia School Jakarta is preparing in earnest to transition from their full-time ‘Virtual School Experience’ (VSE) to face-to-face learning on the school’s beautiful campus. All the signs point towards school campuses in Jakarta re-opening soon, so the school anticipates being able to welcome students of all ages through their classroom doors at NAS Jakarta in the new academic year, which begins on 11th August 2021.

Parents can be assured that the important process of transitioning from more than one year of VSE to campus-based learning will be managed with confidence, care and skill by the teachers. A highly successful year of virtual school, much appreciated and praised by current parents and students, provides robust evidence of how quality teaching will ensure the very best learning experiences in the new academic year back in their classrooms at NAS.

Their most valuable asset is their teachers

Every year, the school carry out a detailed survey with the parent body. The information gathered from this questionnaire helps them with their annual cycle of evaluation, reflection and development planning. The 2021 Parent Satisfaction Survey assures parents of students currently enrolled at the school as well as new and prospective families that NAS Jakarta is the school of choice at this most challenging of times.

As one Primary parent commented, “Your most valued treasure – amazing teachers” and the statistical information within their survey provides further evidence of this. 99% of parents strongly agree or agree that their child is taught by quality teachers. Other findings from the survey show that 94% of parents agree their child receives a quality education from the school and 96% say their child is making good progress.

Right across the school, parents show great confidence in the teachers at NAS, recognising their ability to appropriately challenge every student to develop their academic skills as well as support their personal, social and emotional needs. “NAS Jakarta is a human-size school with highly professional teachers and staff. There is also an individual approach which we value a lot.” (Early Years parent, NAS Jakarta Parent Satisfaction Survey 2021)



Challenging the children whilst maintaining a nurturing approach

Quality teaching at NAS Jakarta is not simply a case of being an experienced teacher or teaching academic subjects well. A genuine, profound passion for high-quality teaching and learning produces engaged, resilient and independent students.

Using this past year’s Virtual School Experience to effectively develop the learner attitude of his Years 6/7 students, Mr Alf Collett sees how, “they recognise their Growth Mindset in applying their hard work and innovation to their learning tasks, enabling them to become better, more responsible and more reflective learners.”

These characteristics for successful, life-long learning are nurtured even within the Early Years classes where teachers appropriately challenge the very youngest students at NAS in their learning. Their Early Years Coordinator, Ms Dom Brown, explains the importance of establishing a strong class community for children to feel safe and secure enough to be risk-takers with their learning:

“They can see that it is very normal to make mistakes and that we just need resilience, we just need to try and try again, which is a fantastic life-long skill for children to develop.”

Successful 21st-century learners also require the skills to be creative. Ms Melissa Martin, their Maths Leader values this highly: “Something that I think is special about working at NAS Jakarta is the creativity of the children.”  Using the context of teaching Maths at NAS, she explains:

“We can present a challenging problem but with a few questions or ideas from someone else in the class, they spark an idea and children will go on their own mathematical journey or adventure. They will see that if at first, you don’t succeed either we can try, try and try again or we can try differently or more creatively or try something that we hadn’t thought of before.”

World-class teachers

NAS Jakarta’s teachers are recruited and actively supported via the extensive Nord Anglia Education global network. They have access to world-class resources and excellent professional development opportunities. Learning is placed at the very heart of the school as the best teachers value their own learning too. One of the school’s Primary parents stated in the survey that, “Membership in NAE provides confidence in the school’s ability to address our pastoral and educational requirements.”

The individualised care students have received from their teachers to support their emotional and social needs has been a key contributing factor to the success of the school’s Virtual School Experience this year. As the school transitions from online provision to face-to-face learning on campus, the wellbeing of every child will continue to be prioritised.

By selecting the Nord Anglia School Jakarta, parents can be confident that their child will receive quality teaching from skilful practitioners who are dedicated to the all-around development of every child. The school believes that students learn best when challenged and supported in a caring environment. In the words of one of the school’s Year 5 students: “At NAS Jakarta, I feel really proud of myself and really push myself to be a better learner and a better person in life.”


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