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The Beauty and Festivity at Global Jaya School Flea Market

Education | 17 May 2016

Students from year eleven of the Global Jaya School celebrated their beloved school’s anniversary in their own way. Before being immersed in the festivities of Family Fun Day, they organised the annual Flea Market, an event created largely by the students as part of the School’s IB programme for Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) learning.


The Flea Market aimed to give back to the community around the school through the distribution of parcels containing basic necessities such as rice, coffee, tea, soap, and lots more. “This year we distributed 700 parcels to people in need, particularly those who are living in the surrounding environment of Global Jaya School. In addition, we also held an affordable bazaar where people can buy secondhand clothes, books and bags at very modest prices,” David Julio Panangian, the Chairman of 2016 Flea Market Committee, told NOW! Jakarta. GJS Flea Market

The beauty of the Flea Market is that it did not only benefit the parcel receivers, but more importantly it taught students about their responsibilities as members of the community, the environment and society.