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Global Design School Opens in Jakarta

Education | 10 June 2016

INIFD, the International Institute of Fashion Design & Academy of Interiors, will soon launch its flagship centre in Jakarta.


As a learning institute dedicated not only to the practical design training of its students, but also the empowerment and confidence building required to make them global citizens, INIFD has already gained global recognition through its centres in London, Chicago, Bangladesh, Nepal and Dubai. This latest branch in Pondok Indah is aimed at young, middle income Indonesians looking for a quality education and a learning environment which balances a world class curriculum with hands-on instruction, marrying design and business. As well as the specialisation courses in fashion and interior design, special attention will be given to students’ command of the English Language. INIFD’s Global President, Aditi Srivastava, has chosen Henry Setiawan to be the Country Head of INIFD Indonesia for his passion in empowering young people through design, just as he has with his music schools. Along with Centre Director, Suwanto Gunawan, INIFD students will be connected to a number of dynamic and successful mentors, including Haseena Bharata, one of the city’s well known fashion icons.

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