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Global Jaya’s “Arts for Cause” Combines Arts with Social Awareness

Education | 22 March 2018

The much-anticipated biennial art exhibition at Global Jaya International School returned on January 30-31 this year. Taking place at the Global Jaya School Theatre, 68 students of Year 6 showcased their artworks, which also reflected the culmination of their learning journey throughout the Primary Years Programme.

Photos courtesy of Global Jaya International School/NOW!JAKARTA

Taking on the theme of “How We Express Ourselves”, as recommended by the International Baccalaureate, the exhibition – aptly titled “Arts for Cause” – allowed students to reflect their thoughts on real-life issues and create connections between the academic world and artistic expression.

Prior to creating the artworks, the students went on a four-day study excursion to West Sumatra, a province known for rich culture and majestic panorama. Upon their visit to two of the biggest cities in West Sumatra – Padang and Bukittinggi – the students discovered urban problems relating to garbage disposal, health and poverty. They also learned the history of the region, namely about the Padri War, also known as Minangkabau War (1803-1837), which was the biggest war between Muslim reformists and local chieftains assisted by the Dutch.

Photos courtesy of Global Jaya International School/NOW!JAKARTA
Photos courtesy of Global Jaya International School/NOW!JAKARTA

Following the excursion, the students then each picked one issue of interest – Social, Environmental, Political, Economics or Health – and was tasked with creating an artwork to convey their chosen message. From beginning to completion, the students were encouraged to let their imagination run freely and look for creative ways to put a spotlight on the issue with which they feel concerned about.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was marked with a traditional music and dance performance from West Sumatra called “Tari Piring” (Plate Dance) by the talented students at Global Jaya.