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Halloween Comes Early at SIS Bona Vista’s Carnival Bazaar 2017

Education | 17 October 2017

Parents, kids, teachers, stakeholders - everybody came together on 14 October for SIS Bona Vista’s annual bazaar that was held in the spirit of Halloween, mingling along the food stalls, clothing and souvenir stands as well as three different-themed haunted houses that made for a fun experience with family and friends.

Indeed, the haunted houses were the main attraction of the event. The kids who were brave enough to enter patiently waited in line - some even several times - to test their courage as they celebrated Halloween early this year.

The food stalls were equally popular: the Japanese and Korean snacks were sold out very fast. Additionally, various activities and attractions such as UNO games, Henna art and wet-sponge throwing added to the fun.

Minji Kim, Head of Parents Support Group and bazaar organizer, said that she was more than satisfied with the event because it attracted so many children and their families.

"Last year, the mothers took control of the activities, but this year, the kids could participate in this bazaar independently,” she explained. “I think this has been a very good experience for them. For next year’s bazaar, I hope it will be even more organized, with more activities, so more visitors will come.”

Meanwhile, Oliver Anderson, Chief Operating Officer of SIS Group of Schools said that the bazaar was the highlight of the term because it is an opportunity for all the stakeholders, parents, students, staff, teachers and SIS family community to engage, contribute and celebrate being together in a very diverse community.

“The bazaar gets better every year because we are a learning organization,” he said. “Basically, the collaboration and preparation for this event started immediately after last year’s bazaar, when students, staff parents got together to reflect on the process as well as the successes and the failures of the last bazaar and instantly start planning the new one.”