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Hydro Solar Project for Better Lives

Education | 14 August 2016

Several months ago we featured the story of an Hydro Solar project which was created by a talented Physics student and a Biology student from Global Jaya School (GJS), David Julio P. Pangaribuan and Dominic Putra Harjo. The project was started in February and finally finished late last month, and marked the first hydro solar water sanitation system installation at Pasar Angin village in Bogor.

2016-07-24-PHOTO-00000010 According to one of the creators, David Pangaribuan, Hydro Solar is an eco-friendly technology to provide a clean water supply to remote villages in Indonesia, “Based on our research, there are many regions in Indonesia that don’t have easy access to clean water resources. Rather than complaining and blaming the government, we decided to take our responsibility as part of the community to help those around us with this technology,” explained David to NOW! Jakarta. David and Dominic chose a small village named Pasar Angin near Bogor to implement their pilot project. In Pasar Angin, residents needed to walk for miles every day to get clean water. This facility allows them to get clean water for drinking, washing and other daily activities conveniently. “On our first visit to Pasar Angin, the locals told us how hard it was for them to find water, especially during the dry season. There was even an old lady who died when walking for water. Concerned about this extremely poor condition, we decided to help this community,” David added. IMG_2618 Hydro Solar technology utilizes sunlight for the production of clean water. The Hydro Solar instrument captures sunlight to be converted into electrical energy that later will be used to power the water pump through pipe installations. Finally, the clean water will be distributed to accommodate local communities’ needs. A water sanitation facility that runs entirely using solar energy is very rare to find in Indonesia, and thanks to the duo, the village has now benefitted greatly from this creative technology. “We know that helping only one community will not solve all the water problems this country has. But we certainly hope that this action will inspire others, especially the youth to do the same thing; helping communities in need. By inspiring others to do the same thing, we strongly believe this issue of water and sanitation will soon disappear,” he concluded. IMG_2563 These two young men’s awareness of people’s welfare deserves special attention and support. Both David and Dominic welcome anyone who wants to learn more about their Hydro Solar project or tomake any contribution for this movement, “We would like to invite any one, especially students, from any school to join us. Please leave us a message on [email protected], if you are interested on joining us in helping our surrounding communities!”