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IME Conference 2016: Aspire to Inspire

Education | 23 October 2016

One of the most prestigious international schools in Indonesia, British School Jakarta, held the very first English-speaking interscholastic conference “Inspire Me” (IME) on 9 September at its campus in Tangerang, Banten. Centering on the theme of “Internationalism through Nationalism”, the conference aimed to inspire current and future generations to have a much greater sense of nationalism.

With an impressive speaker lineup, the conference got off to a great start. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Dr. Marty Natalegawa and former State Minister of the Environment Nabil Makarim delivered meaningful speeches on the Indonesian youth and what they can do for their beloved country. Other speakers included former Commander in Chief of Indonesian Armed Forces H.E. General Dr. Moeldoko, Director of The Wahid Institute Yenny Wahid and the 2016 youth delegate Gustika Jusuf Hatta.

In his speech, Natalegawa spoke of the dilemma of living in such a media-saturated society. “We have more information but are less informed at the same time. Also, we are informed about one issue but perhaps are not informed on another,” he said.

Picking up on the subject, General Moeldoko then pushed students to leave their comfort zone. “The younger generation should be like an eagle that sees its prey in a big picture and once it sees a fish in the water, it immediately snatches the fish away. In other words, we have to think globally, see the whole, in order to see the details within. Remember, challenge is a need,” Moeldoko says, himself a believer in the motto “Innovate or Die”.

Created with a mission to catalyze and evoke changes within the youth community one step at a time, the conference also sought to touch on the issue of work ethics and discipline, as well as helping teenagers to get their voices heard. Equally impressive was the musical performance lineup throughout the event, making the conference an unforgettable experience for many.