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JIS TEDx Cross Paths and Be Awakened

Education | 23 March 2018

The fourth TEDxJIS Conference recently took place at Melati Theater at the Pondok Indah Elementary Campus of Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS).

Photo courtesy of Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS)/NOW!JAKARTA

This year, the independently produced event operated under license from TED carried the theme of Crossing Paths.

Among the lineup of speakers were JIS students, faculty members and alumni from different walks of life, including Cipta Croft-Cusworth (JIS alumnus, film director, author, theme park designer, toymaker), Gabriella Gwen (student and harpist), Gwen Mujono (student and aspiring artist), Jennifer Osborne (self-directed learner and educator), Joshua Giddens (games enthusiast and teacher), Moses Mayer (student and passionate mathematician), Natasha Sondakh (student and published poet), Steve Clark (an international educator who is the JIS High School Principal), Timo Fukar (student and running enthusiast), Vivian Ng (JIS Central Student Council President) and Wesley Trisnadi (student, filmmaker, comic-book nerd and artist).

The speakers shared their perspective and insight on a wide array of subjects, such as turning imperfection into a gift, combatting pollution using game theory, as well as a variety of ways to nurture leadership through passion for mathematics, poetry and photography. The audience also enjoyed musical and dance performances by JIS students, followed by lunch.

Photo courtesy of Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS)/NOW!JAKARTA

“Not only is it true of JIS, but Jakarta has always been a dynamic place for crossing paths. You meet people from completely different backgrounds so you can always learn something new from their experience and interests. You never become complacent,” said Lane Graciano, the TEDxJIS co-advisor who has held a TEDx license for two years now.

TEDxJIS 2018 was organized by student volunteers and supervised by JIS faculty members. The forum was first established four years ago by a graduate under the guidance of the founding advisor.

Photo courtesy of Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS)/NOW!JAKARTA

This year’s organizers invited participants from the Greater Jakarta Area to engage in a shared experience of learning, dialogue and entertainment. Some of the best talks from TEDx events will be featured on, many of which have garnered millions of views from around the world.