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Sinarmas World Academy: Tech Savvy Parenting Seminar

Education | 17 October 2019
Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) held a seminar titled "Parenting in the Digital Era'
Technology will keep advanding. We must keep up with them to find out how best to raise your children in this age. Photos by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA

Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) organised tech savvy parenting seminar named Parenting in the Digital Era that brings together experience, research, observations and tips for parents in raising children in the age of digital technology.

The fact that technology plays a leading role in the digital era like never before has made it necessary for today’s generation of parents to adapt their parenting strategy. In a world where children are growing up digital, many of them have become digital native, or even worse, addicted! There are advantages and disadvantages of online technology for children, and it is important that parents help them learn healthy concepts of digital use.

In certain cases, digital revolution has induced moral panic in parenting. While there are justifiable concerns, there are also so many advantages of digital technology for children. Digital parenting plays a significant role in shaping how children use digital media, allowing them access to invaluable contents and learning opportunities. This also brings forth parenting challenges to monitor their children’s internet behaviour and establish cooperative rules for them.

With respect to this matter, Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) in collaboration with iBox and NavaPark, organised a seminar entitled Parenting in the Digital Era on 7 September. Emphasizing guidance for parents on how to raise kids in the digital era, sessions in the seminar included Optimising Gadgets for your Children’s Education delivered by Mahendra, Apple Certified Trainer and Head of Education Center and Optimizing and Safeguarding Our Children Usage of Technology, presented by Mahendra along with Co-Principal of Middle School and High School of SWA Alexandre Nenes and Laurensia Lindi, Guidance Counselor of SWA.

Parents will always be a key factor in education and demonstrating healthy digital habits and environments for children. Parents’ digital awareness hinges not only on their being well-educated of child’s use of a device and to what extent they should be exposed to it, but also on their personal commitment to lead by example.

Not only are digital parents active partners in their child’s digital life, but they also must set a good and healthy example for smart internet use. This seminar is expected to raise awareness of the importance of digital parenting and provide the suitable ways of digital parenting in this technology-run world.

In support of parenting in digital era, SWA as a school also believe in the importance of keeping our curriculum relevant to the future of technology advancement. Our support goes beyond providing the best facilities and programmes but further exposing them to the global challenges, providing them a platform to develop a strong sense of global citizenship.

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