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SIS Group of Schools Are Entitled Satuan Pendidikan Kerja Sama

Education | 31 August 2017

Based on the change of a regulation by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, all SIS Group of Schools are now entitled Satuan Pendidikan Kerja Sama (SPK) or Educational Cooperation Unit.

With this change, the Ministry aims to define the character of the institutions that use a foreign curriculum along with the national curriculum in their teaching and learning process, and thus allows an official accreditation of the schools. The term ‘international school’ is now exclusively reserved for foreign diplomatic corps’ schools or schools for one particular nationality only.

In order to qualify for the new title, a school must first attain the “A” national accreditation and also be accredited by the respective foreign educational institution it is cooperating with. SPK accredited schools should also include three compulsory local curriculum subjects, civics, Bahasa Indonesia and religion, in their curriculum to be offered to Indonesian students while foreign students must be given Indonesian Studies. In addition, Indonesian students of SPK schools are also required to take the National Examinations in addition to the internationally-based exams.

In accordance with the new regulation, SIS Group of Schools are open to Indonesian students. As a consequence, there has been a 10% increment of Indonesian admittance. With the student mix of 70% international and 30% local students as well as integrating the Singapore educational curriculum and national curriculum, all SIS Group of Schools have the ability not only to provide a comprehensive teaching process, but also an extensive learning experience.

“It is important for parents to understand what their children need and to choose appropriately. SPK accredited schools seem to suit childrens’ needs because most of SPK schools are student-centered, which means that their programs are tailor-made and based on what they really need,” said Mrs. Haifa Segeir, the Chairperson of the Association of SPK Schools Indonesia as well as the Chief Administrative Officer of SIS Group of Schools.

By understanding and delivering what children actually need, schools will help them to achieve their desired results and develop their potential to the fullest.

Formerly named Singapore International School, the first of the SIS Group of Schools was established in 1995 with its first premises in North Jakarta. Today, SIS Group of Schoolsoperates seven schools across Indonesia: Singapore Intercultural School Bona Vista, SIS Pantai Indah Kapuk, SIS KelapaGading, SIS Cilegon, SIS Semarang, SIS Palembang, and SIS Medan.

Adopting the Singapore educational curriculum over two decades, SIS Group of Schools’ reputation of excellence is well-established and recognised as a qualified international educational institutionthrough the International General School Certificate of Education (IGSCE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes which are offered at its schools.