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Students Won Photography Competition in Japan

Education | 22 October 2016

As the late award-winning American photographer Ansel Adams once said, “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photograph.”

Taking his words to heart, students from Global Jaya School in Tangerang, Banten have come to perfect their skills in photography. Recently, three of those students, namely Ishmael Ershad Murtadho from 11 E, Risa Agnesiarda from 10 B and Hilary Nirvana Young from 10 D, collected two prestigious awards from an international high school photography festival in Higashikawa, also dubbed as Japan’s Town of Photography. “The photo competition is being held annually and aims to promoting the beauty and tourism of Higashikawa, a small town in Hokkaido which was declared as the ‘town of photography’ in 1985 due to the active promotion of photo culture through various activities by its residents. There were numerous schools from 14 countries competing in this event and this was the second time for Global Jaya School to take part in this competition. Global Jaya School came in first place in the school and teacher award over 14 schools and the student, Ershad came in 2nd place in the individual award.

To qualify for the competition, students needed to showcase proficient photography skills, as well as completing certain requirements. “We needed to send artwork to be elected by the competition committee and as it turned out, we were the only school from Indonesia that successfully entered this competition,” Pak Alan continues. The competition was divided into three themes: Lifestyle and Expression, Higashikawa’s Natural Beauty and the Spirit of Local Festival. Pak Alan and his team came well prepared. “Each session lasted for a day. The photo session was first two-day in the group and the last day photo session was the individual. Each photo session ended with a presentation with several judges. All the judges were impressed by our students’ artwork, especially for the Lifestyle theme. There was even a moment of silence as they were very fascinated by the result! We will return again for next year’s competition and our target is to win the Mayor’s Choice award which is the highest accolade in the competition,” says Pak Alan.

For many of its participants, the competition provides once-in-a-lifetime experience that builds self-confidence and begins an active global network. This achievement once again proves Global Jaya School’s commitment in providing world-class education for its students in order to prepare them to become global citizens.

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