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Photo Story: Welcoming the Year of the Dog

Education | 2 February 2018

On 16 February, people all over the world will celebrate Chinese New Year and welcome the Year of the Dog. In Jakarta, the most colourful festivities will be held in Glodok, the city’s Chinatown, which will turn into a sea of red.

In welcoming Chinese New Year, Chinatown in Jakarta turns to be red where people starts to sell Chinese products from Lantern, fireworks, to charms. Photo by Basuki Nugroho/NOW!JAKARTA
Jl Kemenangan No.7, is one of the Chinese-Indonesian neighborhood also known as Petak Sembilan in Chinatown located at Glodok, Tamansari, West Jakarta. Photo by Basuki Nugroho/NOW!JAKARTA
The ritual. Photo by Basuki Nugroho/NOW!JAKARTA
Vihara Dharma Bhakti isn one of the oldst Chinese Tample in Jakarta which located at the center of Petak Sembilan Neighborhood. Photo by Basuki Nugroho/NOW!JAKARTA. 
 Chinese-Indonesian commemorates The Year of Dog to go to the temple which decorated with incense and Buddha statue. Photo by Basuki Nugroho/NOW!JAKARTA
Pantjoran Tea House, a teahouse located in an iconic building that used to house the famous Chung Hwa pharmacy. The story behind this teahouse began with a generous Chinese captain named Gan Djie, who used to provide cups of fine tea for anyone passing by his porch, at no charge, up to eight pots per day. Photo by Basuki Nugroho/NOW!JAKARTA