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Wonder Works Collaborates with Green Love A 'Fair for "Wonder Jubilee"

Education | 26 September 2017

In late July, the Green Love A’fair collaborated with Wonder Works Preschool at their new school in Pejaten, South Jakarta.

This was the first collaboration for the Green Love A’Fair and Wonder Works. The Green Love A’fair is known for its lively eco-conscious Sunday markets held at community hub Como Park 998 in Kemang. The one-day event draws many people from the area of South Jakarta and offers a fun family and pet-friendly outdoor event that promotes eco-conscious living. It features activities for kids, food, shopping and live music. As the event has gained popularity, it has grown considerably and the Green Love A’Fair has had the privilege of working with various other eco warriors, such as WWF, Waste 4 Change and Avani Eco.

So why did Wonder Works and the Green Love A’Fair choose to collaborate? This answer revolves around the common philosophy shared between the two brands. The Wonder Works Preschool’s approach is to consider the whole person – head, heart and soul – and to develop the skills and attributes necessary to live as well-rounded, thoughtful and responsible members of society.

The Green Love a’Fair places emphasis on taking responsibility as members of our community and strongly believes that change starts with education - the earlier, the better. The Green Love A’Fair promotes a “Conscious Lifestyle” through conscious thinking and decision making, whilst believing  that change starts at a young age. 

Uniquely, Wonder Works is the sister school of the highly successful Mighty Minds Preschools that are located in Hang Tuah and Menteng. This is their first time expanding to South Jakarta and their campus screams “We are ready”. Backed by Mighty Minds, their teachers are well trained, comfortable, enthusiastic and educated on the well-designed curriculum. The school is filled with natural light, bright colors, patterns and smiles.

Wonder Works and Mighty Minds work together to create minds filled with curiosity and enthusiasm, that embrace change and challenges, are sociable, confident and principled.  Minds that are cultured, knowledgeable and most importantly fun. Once this is achieved the kids will grow up to become confident, independent individuals that are conscious. Conscious to each other, to their environment and to the planet.

With that said, the first collaboration between the two teams came together as the “Wonder Jubilee”:  a one-of-a-kind outdoor open house festivity, over the course of two days with workshops, kids activities, music, food and shopping. The school was decorated with colour and magic and oh-so-much jubilee. The event was focused on the kids, while combining the Green Love feel. Wonder Works filled their classrooms with kids activities that ran throughout the day. From jungle expeditions, to a glow in the dark room, moon walking and a sensory experience. Outside the Green Love A’Fair assisted to bring together vendors, music, the decoration and and that “Green Love” ambience.

For further information follow our instagram @greenloveafair.jkt and @wonderworkspreschool.

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