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At Urban Sneakers Society 3.0, Two Local Brands Launch Collaboration Design with Heineken

fashion | 14 November 2018

Following prior collaborations for its new product Heineken Light, the Dutch beer brand cooperated with two Indonesian brands, NeverTooLavish and YaJugaYa, at an exhibit, Urban Sneaker Society (USS) 3.0. Four exclusive Heineken and NeverTooLavish sneaker designs and two Heineken exclusive T-Shirt designs with YaJugaYa were on display.

NeverTooLavish did a custom hand painting of the Heineken colourway on four different types of sneakers brands for an exhibit at USS 3.0 at Pacific Place, Jakarta. Photo courtesy of Heineken/NOW!JAKARTA

Known for its commitment toward supporting local creative enterprises, premium beer brand, Heineken recently displayed a design collection during the latest edition of Urban Sneaker Society at an event held at Pacific Place, Jakarta from 9 to 11 November.

NeverTooLavish did a custom hand painting of the Heineken colourway on four different types of sneakers brands. Mohamad Azka, General Manager of NeverTooLavish adapted Heineken’s unique colour tone and its visual signature to be implemented in sneaker designs." This collaboration is very interesting because we can work together with big brands like Heineken that also has the same segment, namely young generation," Azka said.

The collaboration with YaJugaYa, resulted in a collection of t-shirts featuring simplistic typography designs. Using the same logo type, YaJugaYa created a variety of typographic t-shirts featuring quotes. "Heineken provides a creative space for local brands that speak local languages," said YaJugaYa founder Randhy Prasetya.

the creation of t-shirt from a collaboration between Heineken and  YaJugaYa

Heineken often collaborates with the creative industry to produce unique work. Some well-known local brands that have collaborated with Heineken include fashion label Danjyo Hiyoji and three popular local street wear brands: EVIL, UNTOLD, and CMMN. Overseas, Heineken has collaborated with global fashion brands such as BAPE, TUMI, and Neighborhood Japan.

These collaborations have developed a brand following among the millennial generation.

“Going forward, Heineken will continue to support the creative industry that is involved in producing masterpieces," said Ria Sutrisno, Heineken Marketing Manager,

USS 3.0 is one of the biggest sneaker events in Southeast Asia where thousands of local and international streetwear shoes and apparel brands participate.