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Living in the Hectic City of Jakarta, Raise Your Awareness of Mental Health Issue with Behave Clinic

health & beauty | 4 June 2019

Mental illness is a truly important issue, especially because it changes one’s life and even affects those around us. Awareness is the key to understanding what mental health is and how one can get the help they need.

Entrust Your Healthcare to Behave Clinic

Many people with mental health issues do not readily seek medical attention, while others may be sceptical of how professionals can help them, or they fear of discrimination and stigma about mental illness. Here in Indonesia, there are 14 million teenagers struggling with major depression and anxiety disorder in the last three years according to the Health and Medical Statistics from the Ministry of Health (Riskesda). Meanwhile, the number of schizophrenics is shown to reach 400,000, making up a stunning 90 percent of people with mental health issues who may need to receive treatments but are unable to do so. With this in mind, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists play an increasingly important role in medicine and society.

Merely highlighting mental health is not enough to improve one’s quality of life. Any type of physical and mental illness needs careful treatments and rehabilitation. There are plenty of options in terms of medical counselling and professional therapists. Among these helpful resources in Jakarta is Behave Clinic.

Behave Clinic is meant to assist people with physical ailment and mental health issues in the hope of leading a more productive and healthier lifestyles. Situated strategically in Kuningan, South Jakarta, Behave Clinic exists to promote growth and development of young mental illness patients, using an integrated approach in physical and psychological treatments. Services provided by Behave Clinic include medication prescription, outpatient and inpatient counselling, psychiatric assessments and other services based on therapeutic knowledge to the specific needs and desires of the patients.

The clinic is also dedicated to transforming the lives of those struggling with drugs, alcohol and sex addiction. “Unlike many other providers, we’re committed to treating the whole person; not just the symptoms of addictions but also to assist with general healthcare with physical and psychological treatments. We realise it is important for children and adolescents to have a solid foundation of cognitive-behavioural or self-advocacy and social skills development to help them build positive human qualities and strengthen personal resilience. This is especially important for those struggling with autism, ADHD, addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex and other psychiatric disorders”, Chitra A. Mulia, Co-founder and clinical psychologist of Behave Clinic, added.

Entrust Your Healthcare to Behave Clinic

Behave Clinic cares for patients of varying ages with a wide range of physical and psychiatric issues, including (but not limited to) psychosis, depression, anxiety, behavioural issues, childhood disorders, addictions to drugs, alcohol and sex, marriage counseling, etc. “Our mission is to offer premium psychotherapy, rehabilitation for addicts and a stimulant medication for kids, teens and older adults. We use a number of features of the treatment process based on the needs of the clients. This involves different therapy methods that are designed not only to curb unhealthy habits but also strengthen self-esteem and mental stability to allow patients to gain a sense of purpose and clarity in their life”, Dr. Dicky Oktrianda explained.

After all, mental health is an integral part of health; a state of complete mental and physical well-being. Therefore, it is impossible to talk about mental health without including physical health. Behave Clinic brings together physical and mental health services for an improved life quality.

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