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Happiness is One Meditation Away

health & beauty | 21 September 2016

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Jakarta that drains out our energy, and sometimes, happiness, The Golden Space Indonesia is present to help urban settlers relax and feel happy.

SAS_8579 Initiated by meditation expert Master Umesh H. Nandwani, B. MSc., CSMC, and his wife Sushila Devi in Singapore in 2005, TGS slowly but surely has claimed their position in various countries including Malaysia, USA and Australia, promoting the idea of reconnecting with one’s inner self in a quest for a balanced, content, and joyous life through meditation. This August, Indonesia is lucky to have its healing center in the capital. “Meditation facilitates you to be happy, to find clarity regarding your career, financial problems, family and relationship issues. I don’t see people as their authentic selves; they laugh but not happy, like they don’t mean it. That is why I established TGS, to bring respect, love and one-ness to the world. To make as many people as we can feel happy,” Master Umesh said during the TGS press conference on Friday (05/08) at its center in Sudirman Park. TGS is free from any religious or cultural backgrounds, it relies on universal meditation that allows everyone to join regardless. One of its top programs, Awaken The Divine You (ATDY), is a three-day transformational program that changes one for the better, and eventually, be happy. “It personally has changed my life. I understand myself better, love myself and others more, and have more empathy. I am no longer afraid to be myself anymore. Therefore I joined TGS and why in Jakarta, well that’s because it is such a stressful city! We want to help people heal,” the TGS Indonesia Commissioner Cindy Gozali said. The other programs include Empowering Women Together which is a women-only meditation class, Amplify Wednesday’s Energy which is held every Wednesday, the free-of-charge meditation class Oasis In The City every Thursday, and even a free face-to-face Q & A session Hello Meditation that answers all questions and doubts about meditation. Meditation is not the only focus at TGS Indonesia as it also offers gentle yoga, energy healing classes where the practicioners run their hands up and down the client’s body without directly touching it and transfer their energy while doing so, meditation for kids, and private consultation. To help their clients meditate better, TGS Indonesia also sells the Nepalese singing bowls, meditation cushions, healing colorful crystals, and organic vegan food. Meditation classes: free (certain classes)–IDR 99,000 Sudirman Park Complex Rukan Blok B no 1 Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 35, Central Jakarta 081320670089