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Inglot Cosmetics Opens First Outlet in Indonesia

health & beauty | 6 February 2017

Indonesia was first introduced to Inglot Cosmetics through its revolutionary O2M Breathable Nail Enamel. These nail polish products, ensuring oxygen and water permeability by containing highly-advanced polymer that makes the nails healthier, were available in 112 different colour options at Inglot’s first pop-up store at Galeries Lafayette, Pacific Place.

After receiving a good response from Indonesia’s beauty enthusiasts and professional make up artists, the Polish cosmetic brand has opened its first permanent outlet at Grand Indonesia Mall in Central Jakarta on 2 February, adding to its growing list of outlets across 80 countries.

Inglot Cosmetics is more than just nail polish: its new outlet introduces the brand’s full range make up collections with more than 1,500 impressive colour options for various products, including eye make up base and primer, eye shadow, eyeliner and more. The high quality of the products is the kind that professional make up artists often use for photo shoots, television shows and theater performances.

Inglot Cosmetics also continues to deliver breakthrough technologies, like its Freedom System - a unique solution that enables customers to fit their favourite makeup products into one handy and environment-friendly reusable palettes. Eye shadows, powders, blushes, lipsticks, concealers, eyebrow products and cream perfumes available in refills allow customers to create their own personalised makeup palette.

Another novelty by Inglot Cosmetics is Duraline, a waterless clear liquid that can intensify the color of any powder and transform it into an easy to apply, water resistant liquid.