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Prima Dapoer for A Healthier Lifestyle

health & beauty | 24 October 2016

Many people eager to lose weight are willing to undergo strict diets to achieve their goal. However, these diets often prove ineffective. Prima Dapoer offers to get your body in shape and healthy by providing healthy yet tasty local Indonesian meals.

Prima Dapoer for A Healthier Lifestyle One of Prima Dapoer’s clients, Neneng Sri Mursita (29), has been chubby ever since she was a kid. In adulthood, she reached a weight of 130 kilograms. With a height of only 147 centimetres, she desperately needed to lose weight for health reasons. She then decided to enroll in the Prima Dapoer diet programme, and after she was cast for a role in the documentary “Indonesia XXL”, Neneng became even more determined to make it work. The programme is structured in a way that its participants don’t feel alone in accomplishing the task of losing weight and are guided by experts along the way: a team of physicians and nutritionists advised Neneng, while the trainers helped her exercise and Prima Dapoer supplied her with special diet food. If she still felt hungry, Prima Dapoer provided healthy snacks. “My current body weight is 97.4 kilograms, and I am now used to regular exercise and a healthy diet. I’m convinced that this programme helps you to obtain a better lifestyle,” Neneng said. For more info, please contact: Ita: [email protected] 087886139469