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The Secret of Crossfit's Success

health & beauty | 6 November 2016

Fitness regimen CrossFit has quickly turned into one of the most popular workout routines over the last couple of years. As the name suggests, CrossFit doesn’t specialize on just one specific sport or exercise but rather encourages you to adept all genres of physical fitness.

The Secret of Crossfit's Success (1) Already a global phenomenon, what exactly is it that draws people to CrossFit? For one, the workouts are personalized. While everyone follows the same workout-of-the-day (WOD), people are still at different levels of technical ability and strength. Each activity can be modified, so if you can’t manage a pull-up, you can stand on a box and do jumping pull-ups instead, or add an elastic band to help you pull upward. The Secret of Crossfit's Success (3) Secondly, the workouts are safe. The daily WOD is posted for the whole box, meaning that you don’t have to come up with your own routine - which is a big help for someone who is new to the world of the gym and still getting acquainted. Thirdly, the CrossFit coaches teach real skills. And even though you never thought that you will develop an appreciation for barbells and free weights, you may be surprised: after a while, you might begin to love deadlifts, clean and jerks or front and back squats. Every class dedicates time to the development of skills, where the coach breaks down the movements and shows the group how to practice step by step. The Secret of Crossfit's Success (2) Last but not least, one of the main reasons why CrossFit has been so successful is the fact that it nurtures and creates friendships. Doing workouts together can quickly create new communities - and when you feel connected to the people you work out with, it is easy to go back. People hold each other accountable but also cheer for one another, unlike in a regular gym, where everyone quietly does their own thing. You won’t know if you love it or hate it - so why don’t you give it a try? If you want to get in shape, CrossFit definitely help you to achieve this goal. The Secret of Crossfit's Success (4) Contact us at CrossFit Senayan for a free trial at 0812 9331 5757.