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ZAP Clinic’s Mesolipo to Effectively Melt Fat

health & beauty | 3 February 2019

The need to stay healthy is the ideal way to live an active lifestyle. To stay healthy, one needs to maintain a balance between diet and exercise. However, many people find that even at times exhaustive diets and exercise  just do not work very well. This is when they seek help to professional help.

New Technology from ZAP helps keep weight off by targeting localised fat cells and cellulite deposits. Photo courtesy of ZAP Clinic/NOW!JAKARTA

Researchers have shown that health problem links to unhealthy eating habits and obesity. And, being overweight is dangerous because it causes many diseases throughout the body. As your BMI goes up, your risks for diseases also soars up. Therefore maintaining the healthy body mass index (BMI) is paramount important.

Thanks to the impact of technology in healthcare in today’s modern world, we have seen massive advances in medical technology among which is the medical improvement on weight-loss injections called Mesolipo treatment. The Mesolipo is a brand new medical method to weight off fat targeting localised fatty cells and cellulite deposits in the body. Injections of substances function to dissolve the deposits resulting the fatty cells melted over the following weeks.  ZAP Clinic is the select few with sophisticated medical practices that is handling the use of Mesolipo treatment as part of today’s medical improvement.

“With international healthcare accreditation and Indonesian National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) ZAP Mesolipo aims not only to melt away fat by injections on top arms, abdomen and upper thighs, but also improve patient care quality. This involves sterile injection devices to prevent necrosis - a form of cell injury causing death of living cells or tissues”, Dr. Dara Ayuningtyas said.

ZAP Mesolipo treatment covers Laser L-Runner with only IDR 1 million per treatment. The advanced laser technology makes body sculpting and skin tightening on the areas whose fat deposits melted away. A series of pre-treatment medical examination includes consultation which  navigating the path of potential contradictions, a series of tests for blood tension and fluid-filled bumps or allergic contacts on the localised body, measurement of the length of top arms, abdomen and upper thighs, track marks on the body before getting injected, alcohol to rinse the areas and sterile medical equipment to melt the fatty cells away from the body. For a significant result doctors suggest to deal with a four-time injection per month.

Before going through this method, however, you should consult with your doctor, for it requires a series of commitment and discipline and may contain side effects as well. Contact ZAP Client Care for more effective consult at 1500310 or (+62-21) 806 26 350