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Turning Covid-19 Experience into or Journal or Maybe a Book

Hobbies | 5 June 2020
Turning Covid-19 Experience into or Journal or maybe a Book

With the global pandemic that is currently affecting the global population today, people around the world are on the same page, maybe spending most of their time at home or keep working outside as frontlines. Covid-19 will become one of the most important highlights that has happened in the 21st century. This moment is historic for the world and for the people who live with it.

News and research will record this as history of the outbreak that started in Wuhan, China in late 2019 and spread worldwide becoming a a future study for healthcare. It’s a global issue but your personal experience can be a crucial source for humanitarian studies. Here is where your writing begins.

Starting from the stroke of a pen or daily journal on the phone, our lifetime experience living during the Covid-19 pandemic can be an inspiration for others or it can just be a a secret diary that someday will be found by someone else.

Right this moment in our lives, the Covid-19 pandemic can set a unique record in history besides the actual news and academic research. We, as an individual, can possibly be an important a figure that could be the part of history, if we want it. Indonesian author Pramoedya Ananta Toer once said, “...as long as he can't put pen to paper he will disappear into society and from history”.

Everyone from the poor to the rich, or teachers to medical workers will have a different perspective of the story about the Covid-19 experience that will enrich the knowledge in humanitarian issues. 

So far, the Covid-19 crisis has helped people to set a discourse about the future, encouraging many people to do further research on the economy and environment. If all of those are major issues, our personal story could have the potential to engage the public. 

Whether it’s random notes, elaborative journal, or fiction, the Covid-19 might be a crisis but it’s a wake-up call for humanity. Writing our experience can be very personal and we tend to keep it for ourselves. However, there are many ways to tell the stories without being explicit..

From a short poem to a song, or short and amateur documentaries, we could record this rarest moment in our lives through writing. With no pressure, we can start just by writing a diary and develop the idea from those pieces. Who knows our ideas later can inspire us to make a movie or a novel? There are many stories out there but few stories are written eloquently, critically, and creatively. That’s where we are determined by time and history. 

Write your own stories as if Covid-19 didn’t happen!