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Apps To Amp Up Your Looks

Techno | 21 January 2017

The apps industry is proving to be a boon, for many apparent reasons. For a large number of users out there, who are highly dependent on their smartphones for anything from communicating to banking, shopping to ordering food, apps are an efficient means to do practically everything. Lately, the use of apps has grown more specific, catering to specific needs of specific communities. One apparent niche is young, modern women looking for compact ways to bring together their needs (and penchant) for all things related to health, beauty and technology. Enter apps.

Apps-To-Amp-Up-Your-Looks-(3) According to a 2015 study by a group of American researchers (Litman et al), most smartphone users who install exercise apps are more likely to make real efforts to maintain their health compared to those who don’t install any. In other words, health apps actually work! While we’re at that, why not throw in a few other related apps to boost your happiness index? Be it on Android or iPhone, these apps are available everywhere. We’ve handpicked a few top-rated ones to kickstart your new year. Weight Loss Tracker The name of the app says it all. Weight Loss Tracker is probably the easiest way you can get in shape and lose weight without having to consult a personal trainer or dietician. Its Body Weight Diary helps you keep track of your body weight and notifies you when there’s a sudden, most probably unplanned, increase. Its aktiBMI Calculator calculates your Body Mass Index and helps you set targets for your ultimate goal. You’ll also be able to monitor your progress accordingly through easy-to-read statistics and graphs. Think functionality meets motivation! Apps-To-Amp-Up-Your-Looks-(2) 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout Designed by a professional fitness coach, this app has been scientifically proven to improve your physical health, and, when synchronized with other fitness apps such as Google Fit, the result will be even more comprehensive and include burned calorie data. Here’s how it works. This app gives you workout challenges for 30 days and each day the difficulty level (from beginner to pro) will go up incrementally. The app features include detailed video guides, daily workout reminder, 30-day abs challenge, 30-day full body challenge and even 30-day butt challenge. There’ll be no more excuses not to work out, anytime, anywhere. Simply Yoga Think of this app as your personal yoga instructor. With more than 30 poses and three predefined routines, you can choose if you want to do the workout for 20, 40 or 60 minutes. Aside from its video demonstrations, users have found the audio instructions on the app very helpful in explaining the poses. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can create your own customized routines. Namaste! Water Drink Reminder Having been drained from all those workouts, it’s now time to rehydrate your body. Water Drink Reminder will let you know just how much water you need. This highly popular app has been downloaded by millions of users all around the globe and featured on Google Play as the number one health app in more than 30 countries. Just type in your current body weight and the app will do the rest, from detecting your drinking habit to suggesting ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. Not only will it determine how much water your body needs every day, it will also remind you when it’s time to drink another glass of H2O. Apps-To-Amp-Up-Your-Looks-(1) Simple Hairstyles As they say, when you look good, you feel better! If you happen to be looking for a new hairstyle to suit you, Simple Hairstyles app helps narrow your room for styling error, thanks to its easy-to-follow tutorial images – one image for every tutorial step. Whatever the occasion, be it for a party, date or girls night out, this app promises to make you look amazing! Nailbook – Nail Art Designs You will never run out of ideas of nail art designs with Nailbook – Nail Art Designs app. With more than 25,000 nail designs in videos and images, users will find it easy to find and share designs and arts, from French manicure to acrylic nails, stiletto nails and even thematic designs for Christmas and Halloween. New designs are updated on a daily basis, making the app home to the largest collection of nail designs. Tutorials in the app are available in both videos and images. Period Tracker Whether you are planning your pregnancy or simply trying to keep record of your period, this app will do the trick. Period Tracker logs your period dates and calculates the average of your past three months’ menstrual cycles to predict when your next period starts. The app also comes with reminders for contraceptive pills, V-ring, patch and injection. Other features include ovulation and fertility calculators and trackers.