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Life on Track: Best Fitness Applications and Devices

Techno | 10 July 2018

Today, fitness and health have become part of the urban lifestyle. Thanks to the support of technology, fitness has even become a trend. Various devices and online applications help one manage one’s fitness regimen and help achieve one’s goals. At one point, fitness technology merely calculated just one’s heart rate and cumulative steps. These days, a range of mobile applications provide tailored workouts and diet programmes, nutrition plans, and even manage one’s sleep cycle.

Thanks to developer and tech engineer who develop sport and fitness device to measure any progress and effort, and of course to keep us motivated.

Gone are the days when we had to count calories and steps. In the interest of efficiency, technology has found a solution. According the online survey of over 1,000 respondents worldwide by Statista in 2016, an estimated 33 per cent of people of all ages used fitness apps or products to track their wellness. Comparatively, about 41 per cent of respondents aged 30-39 years used fitness apps or trackers. The highest percentage explained that adults are more concerned about their body as they age, while the use of fitness apps and trackers is also popular among people aged 20-29 years who are more conscious about a healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, it’s difficult to stay constantly motivated with a fitness programme. A Study “Motivation and User Engagement in Fitness Tracking” by Frank Spillers, Stavros & Grigorios Asimakopoulos in 2017 finds the long term users’ motivation and self-efficacy are highly dependent on successful data of the apps as well as sensing context and providing appropriate motivational feedback to the user.

To create a successful fitness programme and lifestyle, NOW!Jakarta has curated a list of fitness application and devices which offer a comprehensive data and wellness report.

Monitor day-to-day progress through the App

Comprehensive Workout Toolkit
FitBit Coach is an app that provides professionally curated HD exercise videos that are mixed and matched to create unique workout sessions. What sets Fitbit Coach apart from similar apps is that the sessions adjust to your fitness level which is gauged by your own feedback after each exercise. There is also Nike Training Club features over 160 free video workouts in a variety of styles such as yoga, cardio, boxing, and endurance. Nike+ Run Club is specially made for those who are fans or runner and cardio. Another personalised workout plan is Freeletics combines semi-social media app which allows the user to create fitness plans and ask friends to check your workout routine.

Challenge Workout
For those who don’t have much time to workout, 7 Minute Workout App is a perfect solution as fitness app designed to get everyone exercising in just seven minutes a day. The app has free workouts to try and users can create their own custom combinations of exercises that they can share with friends. For those who want to build muscles and lose weight, 30 Day Fitness Challenge offer the short period of your effort to see a noticeable difference in shape in a month.

Home workout and Yoga
There are numerous yoga apps on iPhone and Android but FitStar Yoga and Daily Yoga are among the best. The yoga applications create custom workout sessions that adapt to the user’s fitness level and boasts a fantastic design that seamlessly transitions from one yoga pose to the next, allows the user to explore more yoga move and pose. For those who don’t like weightlifting but still want to stay fit, Home Workout is the best for who want to workout with no equipment.

Sleep Meter
Your quality of sleep also affects your health. Sleep deprivation could lead to health problems. To manage day-to-day rest, Sleep Cycle is basically intelligent alarm clock that track your sleep pattern, and report it for you. As you could maintain your sleep time, you could wake up easily in fresh condition.

Your Nutritionist
Everything that you consume also has big influence for you fitness programme. Using MyFitnessPal, Foodzy, and Fooducate are the choice for calorie counter and diet tracker. Those application makes barcode scanning at the grocery store for healthy choices a reality. The apps grade a user’s groceries, explains what’s inside each product, and offers healthier alternatives with a large database of over 2,000,000 unique products.

Wear it, Track it
Sometimes we cannot monitor ourselves every time through the screen while we run wellness programme or hit the gym. Thanks to developer and tech engineer who develop sport and fitness device to measure any progress and effort, and of course to keep us motivated.  The finding of a study by Future Workplace and Staples Business Advantage in 2016 stated, 37 per cent of companies encourage or provide wearable devices at work for tracking health, wellness and productivity.

Smart Watch. Apple Watch and Samsung Gear may be the most popular devices which could track your workout programme. Recently, Apple Watch new series allows users to sync yoga activities as well as live workout challenge with fitness partners from different places. Both Apple watch and Galaxy Gear are smart watches that offer multiple tasking beside fitness. If you don’t want get distracted while working out, Fitbit offers variety of band and watch without get unexpected pop-up notification out your wearable devices.

Hykso for Boxing Fitness, Moov Now for Swimming Fitness and Garmin for Gym Session.
Hykso is one of only a handful of boxing trackers designed to help both pro and amateur fighters train smarter not harder. With a barely-know-it’s-there feel, real-time data from  your boxing training will be sent to an app on your phone including punch rate, speed, punch type, power and intensity. Many fitness bands can be used for swimming but Moov Now is the best for swimmers. It is waterproof and lightweight.

Fitness headphone
Jabra Elite Sport is a true wireless in-ear headphones with built-in heart rate monitoring are well worth consideration as an alternative to the watch and band regulars. This headphone uses your smartphone’s GPS to power real-time audio feedback on your training, with voice cues for stats such as average pulse, speed, distance and cadence.

Level Glasses
Level Glasses is stylish smart glasses that accurately capture step count, calories burned, and distance travelled—while seamlessly tucking the tech inside three frame styles.

Jawbone and Polar Look Keo Power Essential Pedals for Cycling. Certain sport requires specific tracker especially for cycling. Jawbone armband and Polar Look Keo Power Essential Pedals is exclusively created to track biking movement and synchronise the data to one’s phone about ride time, power, cadence, lap power and distance.