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Seekmi Brings Service Industry to the Mobile Level

Techno | 25 May 2016

Seekmi, the first and largest service marketplace in Indonesia, appear as the solution and new trend in society in finding services, by giving credible recommendation of service professionals quickly, easily, and safely. Now can be accessed with mobile application on Android and iOS, Seekmi gives easiness to customers in getting services in Jakarta using their phones, which only take several minutes. This shows Seekmi’s commitment to improve service industry in Indonesia with the increasing usage of mobile smartphone.

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“We improve even better all that we had already offered on Seekmi website: now we go mobile, entering Android and iOS platform. This mobile app will make it easier for customers to get services they need anytime, anywhere. Simply access the app at their fingertips. The easiness is what we are trying to provide to keep up with the ‘instant’ lifestyle in Jakarta, especially. Now when you need any kind of services, don’t bother yourself to ask people around, or calling service professionals one by one; this is not efficient. On Seekmi app we provide a chat feature – we call it miChat – so users can communicate directly with the service provider through instant messaging, this is a solution if users do not want to expose their personal numbers,” says Nayoko Wicaksono, CEO at Seekmi. In addition to miChat feature which enable users to exchange messages efficiently, with Seekmi app users will receive lots of qualified service providers which are relevant with their needs. The process is very simple, where users are required to write a request to explain their problems and what service they need at the moment, and in the next several minutes Seekmi will give numbers of vendor options which are relevant and suitable. These vendors also have a profile page that can be considered by prospect customers before deciding the vendor.


The vendor profile page enable customers to get a clear information regarding the professional and the service. After service has been done, customers can give reviews to rate the vendor’s work on the application. All the benefits and the app installment is free of charge. Seekmi app is user-friendly, with simple design and small memory size for Android and iOS phones. Now Indonesian masses who live with limited time and loads of activities need not to struggle with the simple task of finding various kind of service professionals, from small medium services such as AC service, gardening, cleaning, to premium services such as personal / yoga trainer, interior design, makeup artist, cooking lesson, contractor and many more, in total 520 service categories which offered by Seekmi. Customer will get a notification when his/her request is ready to be responded by the service provider. This efficiency also helps all the vendors; where they will also get a notification each time there is a prospect customer that needs their expertise, therefore transaction can be done. Seekmi has become a new trend, helping people to leave all the conventional ways of finding services.