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Staying Safe and Dry with Z-Alert

Techno | 7 January 2017

It’s rainy season - but there is a new for Jakartans to stay safe and dry. The free app Z-Alert notifies you of potential risks and disasters such as floods, traffic accidents, fires and power outages.

Staying Safe and Dry with Z-Alert The app is available on Google Play and uses a map-based alert system. In 2015 there were 6,231 accidents in Jakarta according to the Directorate of Traffic Polda Metro Jaya. That is more than 17 accidents per day on average. Over a 7-month period there were 700 floods recorded by the DKI Jakarta Regional Disaster Management Agency. President Director of PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia, Philippe Danielski said “Z-Alert for floods could reduce losses to motor vehicles by over 50 percent and property losses by over 25 percent”. Ritola Tasmaya, the Secretary General of the Indonesian Red Cross says he believes every Jakartan should download and use the app. “This will definitely help people to avoid potential risks and even save lives,” she said.