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Twitter’s Place in Indonesia #clarified

Techno | 2 January 2019

According to representatives from Twitter Indonesia, media reports in recent years have indicated that Indonesian users had moved away from using the social media network. At a recent event, they offered evidence to the contrary.

At a recent event #RameDiTwitter 2018, Twitter Indonesia offered evidence to the contrary that Indonesian users had moved away from using the social network. .Photo courtesy of Twitter Indonesia/NOW!JAKARTA

Dwi Adriansah, Country Industry Head, Indonesia & Malaysia, Twitter revealed in a forum titled “#RameDiTwitter 2018” (trending on Twitter in 2018) that the number of trending topics on various categories reveal that users have taken to the social media network in greater numbers recently. In 2018, Twitter Indonesia recorded its highest performance, especially with regard to content.  

The platform allows users to find information in real time and get involved in various conversation topics, from tourism destinations to politics and more. Topics have ranged from global events such as #WorldCup and #AsianGames2018 to national topics like #JumatBerkah and #Dilan1990. Twitter represents the diversity of interests in Indonesia, making it the best platform to identify trending topics (#RameDiTwitter) on various sides. Despite being used to spread hoax reports from fake accounts—similar to the issues faced by other popular social media platforms—Twitter continues to maintain a comfortable space for users.

“As a social media platform, Twitter is a reliable network for users to get involved in healthy conversations, discussions, and debates. Regarding the stories reported in the media about the perceived “collapse” of the network, we’re working on solving those issues,” Dwi Adriansah said.

According to Adriansah, in the second quarter of 2018 Twitter acquired a platform named Smyte, an online security company that can identify online abuse, hate speech on tweets, spam messages and posts, as other issues concerning brand safety. With Smyte, executives in charge of policies on Twitter are able to be more active in stopping abusive behaviour which affects one’s experience of using the application. Over 70 million accounts were suspended due to violations of policy.  

Most talked Twitter accounts in 2018.

Twitter recently launched Twitter Lite —which can be downloaded via Google Playstore— to help the growth of Twitter users in several regions in Indonesia. Thanks to this option, Twitter was able to grow its users to 100 per cent compared to the same period last year.

From the partnership side, Twitter has cooperated with seven media companies to distribute their content where they can use Twitter Studio. Also, Twitter relaunched a creative space, Twitter Blue Room where users can use it to produce creative content.

“Data indicates that daily users of Twitter in Indonesia exceed the daily users globally. Regarding content, there is a 120 per cent increase in video consumption in the same year and period. As for live video consumption the number has significantly increased, to 300 per cent in the same year and period.” Adriansah explained.

Most hashtag used in 2018.

Adriansah also said that there are three areas for us to talk about Twitter Indonesia’s contents. There’s an increase percentage in the e-commerce area by 20 per cent where users tweet about online shopping. Topics surrounding finance technology saw an increase of 190 per cent followed by travel which saw a 28 per cent increase where users shared their travelling, shopping and accommodation experiences.”

During the forum, Adriansah also shared the trending topics over the year, include most used hashtags, most talked Indonesian account, brands with best engagement, and many more.