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Living Without Walls

DESIGN FOR LIVING | 25 June 2021

“Haute Couture Architecture: The Art of Living Without Walls by Anneke van Waesberghe is so much more than a book about sustainable design, tented architecture, green hotel or eco-resort design. It is a memoir and the story of a personal journey from the excesses of modern times to a new state of being, one in which rampant consumerism has been replaced by a more thoughtful design for living sustainably and in harmony with the rhythms of the planet.” The sentiment expressed in this introduction appealed to us , as did the beautiful design, not only of the book, but the tents themselves. So we decided that we must bring this to your attention writes Alistair Speirs, Publisher of Now! Jakarta.  
The author leads readers to encounter a new paradigm by showing the luxury of simplicity and the beauty of small things. The book itself is a sustainability kit for hoteliers, interior designers, green home builders, and those interested in applying the ideas of immersive experience architecture to their lives and their work. 
Applying principles of biophilic design, eco-hotel interior design, eco-architecture, and practical self-sufficiency, van Waesberghe chronicles this transition in a highly individual account of her journey from a successful social entrepreneur to an enlightened designer. 
The book overflows with specially made full-color photographs of her concepts for boutique resort design, delicate watercolors, and compelling illustrations. It is part design manifesto, part personal diary, and part manual for future sustainable living. Though she designs high-end tented buildings with matching interiors, they go far beyond luxury camping gear. Her creations incorporate the concepts of eco-housing, tropical house design, eco prefab homes, and sustainable design in architecture, all wrapped in her own Haute Couture Architecture design philosophy she so skilfully draped over the landscapes of her legendary sanctuary.

The central theme is the author’s discovery of freedom and the connection to yourself offered by life beneath the canvas. With the knowledge she learned through global travels in the eighties and life experience, van Waesberghe established a luxury tented design company in Bali and extended its holistic fundamentals to all aspects of her existence. Her appreciation for a life lived within nature extends to the use and production of sustainable materials, hospitality, interior design, minimalist home living room design, deep respect for local culture, and the creation of experiences and rituals imbued with intention.
“I was mentally ready to dive into a life of simplicity,” she writes, “to live by satisfying only my basic needs, and let go of everything. This longing for simplicity, over time, led to a series of painless moments of growth that made me want to challenge others to follow my example towards simplicity and happiness.”
Ultimately Haute Couture Architecture: The Art Of Living Without Walls bridges the gap between Nature and Architecture. It is the tale of one woman’s odyssey to find true meaning in life and to manifest its beauty into a way of sustainable living that sets a blueprint for our future existence on Earth.

 The book arrives at an appropriate time. Conceived twenty years before the onset of the Covid pandemic, Haute Couture Architecture: The Art of Living Without Walls dovetails seamlessly with the challenges we now face on a global scale. Yet, at its heart, it is a proclamation for a return to pre-Fall innocence.
“We have been the thieves of our own greatness,” writes van Waesberghe. “We have robbed ourselves of the beautiful thoughts we had when we were kids, when we dreamt of doing something extreme or different. Instead of living outside the box, we replaced our dreams with unimportant daily routines.”    
Living without Walls is hosted by the Escape Nomade. By joining forces, Living without Walls will accelerate sustainable lifestyles and nature conservation by inspiring designers, architects, industries, and consumers to vote with their wallets by purchasing products that harm the environment less. The Escape Nomade travelers rethink their motivation by turning their trips into a mission or purpose

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